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Khao Sok National Park

A huge forest area of 739 sq km, which houses thousands of rare species of tropical plants, insects, birds and animals.
One of the oldest evergreen rainforests in the world, covered with spectacular limestone cliffs rising straight up into the air, !overlooking deep, lush green valleys, a breathtaking lake, and exciting caves: Khao Sok is a fantastic place that has a lot to offer.
Mighty trees with huge buttress roots, meters-long rattan, hundreds of species of wild fruits, millions of fragrant flowers in all colors and shapes, carnivorous plants and strange mushrooms, small and large streams with a variety of fish, beautiful waterfalls with clear water and mysterious caves dominate the landscape here.

A main  feature of the National Park flora is the Rafflesia kerrii, the world‘s largest flower, which was only discovered in the late . 1990s in the local rainforest. It can grow up to 1 meter in diamter!.

Also remarkable are the many colorful dragonflies and butterflies, ranging from mini exemplars to magnificent dovetails, some of which are the size of a small bat. Colorful beetles, cicadas, mantids, termites, wild bees and many species of ants there are here in abundance.
On night safaris, one can observe tree frogs, lizards, bats, slow loris, flying foxes, pythons and civets. With a little bit of luck you can also discover a variety of birds and animals in the jungle: hornbills, kingfishers and colibri-like sunbirds; flying squirrels, elephants, macaques, gibbons, langurs, porcupines, pangolins, tapirs, wild boars, tigers, leopards and sun bears populate the park territory.

Even mouse deers, the smallest deer in the world, and gaurs, the largest Asian Wild Buffalo, are at home here. With approximately 1,000 species of trees, 130 species of mammals, 350 species of birds, 90 species of reptiles and more than 10,000 insects, Khao Sok is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world! Discover the diversity of the National Park Khao Sok on a guided hike and enjoy the unique tropical paradise of the 160-million year old rainforest!



The Khao Sok National Park is located in the province of Surat Thani in southern Thailand, 72 km north-east of Khao Lak.

Established: on 22 December, 1980

Area: 739 km2

Estimated age of the local jungle: 160 million years

Area of Cheow Lan Lake: 165 km2

Highest Point: 961 m

Rainy season: May to November


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1. Wing Hin Waterfall
2. Bang Hua Raet Creek
3. Wang Yao Pool
4. Bang Leab Nam Pool
5. Than Sawan Waterfall
6. Tang Nam Waterfall
7. Ton Kloi Waterfall
8. Sip-et-Chan Waterfall
9. Mae Yai Waterfall
10. Park Visitor Center
11. Wat Tam Pantoorat & Cave
12. National Park Pier
13. Botanical Trail & Small View Point
14. Tam Ngu (Snake) Cave
15. Sai Choi Raft House

16. Pakarang (Coral) Cave
17. Nang Prai Raft House
18. Guilin (Khao Sam Glure)
19. Klong Ka Raft House
20. Pra Kai Phet (Diamont) Cave
21. Tone Teuy Raft House
22. Seroo Cave
23. Namtaloo Cave
24. Kangkow (Bat) Cave
25. Kraison Raft House
26. Big View Point Trail
27. Jeer Cave
28. Klong Saeng Raft House
29. Luk Nam Cave
30. Tu Rian Cave

Good reasons
for a trip to Khao Sok

Thai hospitality
The Thai people are open-minded, sociable, interested, helpful and friendly. It’s not for nothing that many call Thailand „The Land of Smiles“.

Exquisite local cuisine
Tantalize your taste buds with delicious Thai specialties! Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of flavors, aromas and tastes of the finest tropical fruits, aromatic herbs and exotic vegetables!

A unique flora and fauna
Khao Sok is world-famous for its rare animal and bird species. In addition, new endemic species have often been discovered here by scientists. The incredible diversity of the plant world with its 60 m high giant trees, yard-long lianas, strangler fig thickets, bamboo forests and the world‘s largest flower Rafflesia can explore on guided jungle trekking tours for themselves.

A variety of landscapes
Khao Sok inhabits a beautiful valley surrounded by eco-fruit farms, mountains covered in lush tropical vegetation, dense jungle with towering limestone cliffs and beautiful waterfalls.  The 165 km2 large Cheow Lan Lake is spotted with numerous islands, fascinating cave systems and striking rock formations, to name just a few highlights.

Great experience and a lot of fun
Khao Sok offers the active vacationers a variety of options, tubing or rock climbing, kayaking or cave-diving, trekking or bike riding, fishing or swimming. Everything is possible! Khao Sok is never boring!

Rest and relaxation
Khao Sok is a fantastic place to treat yourself to peace and relaxation. Here you have the unique opportunity to dive away from civilization noise and tourist crowds in the bizarre landscape of tropical rainforest and to recover their senses in a sea of deep green. This is the right place to dangle the soul and on foot, by canoe or on elephant to discover the great nature. Leave the hustle and bustle of your country behind and enjoy the „paradise on the other end of the world“.

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